Just 3 friends (okay, 2 sisters and another friend) who had a crazy idea on a road trip….. what if we brought together the most phenomenal guitarists from rock music, have them perform over-the-top full-band shows, and also let them do the teaching they enjoy?  And what if we brought in bands that would appeal to multiple generations so that older and younger generations could come together and share their love of music?  And what if we included fans instead of isolating them?  Where could we put together such a crazy festival?  How about on a cruise?!?!

3Musketeers2Meet Ann, JT, and Deb.  Deb & Ann grew up in Maryland but moved to Sedona for…. well if you’ve ever seen Sedona, you’ll understand why we moved here.  JT is native Navajo, and you can usually find him appreciating the outdoors wherever he is.

We are the thrust behind Axes & Anchors, although we’ve got a pretty huge team of awesome and talented friends and seasoned professionals (truly experts!) putting on this show for you.  We knew that with this team, we could put on a massive guitar-dominated festival at sea where everyone is included and people from all over the world could come to party with, and learn from, living legends of rock music.  People of all generations could meet new friends who share their love of music – and maybe even learn to appreciate the music of other generations at the same time!

Our mission is simple:  to keep customer satisfaction at the top of the list for a unique cruise experience that you will want to repeat at every opportunity.  If you need us, we want you to call us (775-600-2937, by the way) and talk with an owner directly whenever possible (we don’t sleep much, but sometimes we need to).  We want to get to know our passengers and what matters to you, and we want you to know us.

Nearly two years of research and planning has occurred to help ensure that Axes & Anchors brings you the most fun you can pack into a ship – in this case, a literal “FUN SHIP” – the Carnival Victory!

So when you see us on board, be sure to say hello – we’re fans just like you, only maybe a little crazier.  😉