Late Night Fan Jams Late Night Jams on Axes Cruise

Attention all our axe-wielding, bass-abusing, drum-pounding and vocal-viking Axes & Anchors shipmates. Wanna show us what you've got ‐ on stage?! We want you to – and more importantly, we want you to have a blast while jamming with your fellow passengers! Introducing the Fan Jam – 2 nights of unashamed, loud, rocking fun. Plus you never know who might be watching, or who will sit in!

Rock Star Poker Tournament Celebrity Poker Tournaments on Axes Cruise

"If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man. You win some, lose some, all the same to me." That's the gospel according to the legendary Lemmy so c'mon: Do what the Motörhead frontman would do & sit in for some kick-ass, cut-throat poker with your rock star shipmates. Win their money or risk losing yours – either way, it's gonna rock your world! This is the real deal, kids... 18 or older only.

Headbanging Beer Pong Rocker Beer Pong on Axes Cruise

Attention all "beer-drinkers and hell-raisers", this is your call to action. Join us and see if you can get your favorite rock star shipwrecked...quite literally! This game is obviously only for responsible drinkers over 21, but any passenger can enjoy the fun – so c'mon down and cheer your favorites on. Whether you're imbibing or encouraging those who are, it's gonna be side-splitting fun for all!

Shredding Madness Contest Shredding Madness Contest on Axes Cruise

Bring your best shredding and get a jump on March Madness with Shredding Madness! Shred your axe off for our celebrity judges and make it to the "final four." Then face the Shred-Off to win a signed guitar!

Mel Fisher's Treasure Hunt! 3 Day Scavenger Hunt on Axes Cruise

The clues won’t be easy, but the grand prize will be huge - a Treasure Chest full of $1,000 US Silver Dollars! Each night you will be given a clue which will guide you to the next day’s treasure quest. Join in the fun and win big!

Rockin' Sports Trivia Rockin' Sports Trivia on Axes Cruise

Join us in the brand new state-of-the-art Skybox Sports Bar for sports trivia hosted by a celebrity rock god! Know who won the Super Bowl in 2012? Test your knowledge and win cool prizes – admission is free!

Legendary Casino Hosts Legendary Casino Hosts on Axes Cruise

You only need to be 18+ to play in the casino at sea, and take your chances on games hosted by your favorite rock stars. Shoot some Craps, try a few rounds of Blackjack, or spin the wheel with a legendary rock god cheering you on!

U.S. Air Guitar Championships Air Guitar Shootout on Axes Cruise

It's your chance to become an Air Guitar World Champion like our host, Mean Melin! Technical ability, stage presence, and "airness" will decide the winner, as they move on in this worldwide competition. Free sign-up coming soon!

Rock n Roll Trivia Rock n Roll Trivia on Axes Cruise

Hosted by your favorite celebrities, show off your encyclopedic rock n’ roll knowledge against other fans and celebrities on board, while you win prize after prize – delivered to you by rock legends themselves!

Heavy Metal Bingo Heavy Metal Bingo on Axes Cruise

B-I-N-G-O has never been so much fun! Rockers everywhere will want in on the game when the letters and numbers are turned on their heads, and the prizes are priceless! Must be 18 or older to play.

Mel Fisher's Diving For Treasure Diving For Treasure on Axes Cruise

Hold your breath! Thar be gold treasure and rock treasure at the bottom of ye ol’ swimming hole this time! How much booty can you bring back for your favorite wench or stud?

Airaoke (Karaoke with a twist!) Lip Sync-Off on Axes Cruise

Lip syncing is 1 part accuracy and 3 parts lunacy, but the fun is complete when there are prizes involved! Celebrity judges will award you based on how much FUN they had, so be ready to get crazy with the audience!

Wet T-Shirt Contest (Men Only) Wet T-Shirt Contest (Men Only) on Axes Cruise

Let’s see the men step up this time and show off their “assets” in soaking wet white t-shirts! Prizes for Best Chest, Best Beer Belly, and many more! Bring your hairy chest, your chiseled chest, or your anti-chest and win!

Rock Auctions Rock Auctions on Axes Cruise

Chances to own pieces of rock n’ roll history await, up close and personal. A variety of old school memorabilia will be available, as well as new-school items – some that will be signed right in front of you!

Theme Nights (with Prizes) Theme Nights (with Prizes) on Axes Cruise

Sports Jersey Night, Black & Red Night, Neon Knight, and a Bathrobe Bash are all you need for prizes on deck and around the ship! Keep a close eye on your email inbox for details as our sailing draws nearer.