Yng72Recently inducted to the Swedish Music Hall of Fame, Mr. Yngwie Malmsteen will be joining our cruise! In addition to performing, Yngwie will be conducting a very rare FREE guitar clinic for anyone who wishes to hone their mad skills on the cruise! This is an extremely rare opportunity to spend 5 days on a ship with this legend, learning from him and watching him work his magic.

Swedish composer and multi-instrumentalist Yngwie MALMSTEEN is a household name in the music industry, and most anyone with an interest in rock music are well aaware of him. If not due to his music as such then at minimum his reputation. Malmsteen is among the select few artists who have managed to become influential across multiple genres and stylistic expressions. His footprints are most commonly found among artists exploring various kinds of heavy metal however, and as such he is best known for his technical skills and classically inspired guitar playing. The latter which saw rise to a new subgenre most commonly referred to as Neo-Classical Metal, of which Malmsteen is generally regarded as the founder and main inventor.

1 Performance
1 60-minute Guitar Workshop
1 Professional Photo opportunity with each passenger
Rocktail Party (only for the 75 Platinum VIP holders)