TraciiGunsTracii Guns is an iconic guitarist who has played with numerous well known bands and solo artists.

His signature guitar playing is reminiscent of early Aerosmith and Van Halen but in the last couple of decades he has added his own special flair creating the backbone for an unique and innovative sound, becoming one of the most influential guitarists to emerge out of the 80’s Hollywood scene. His creative repertoire is also impressive as he is registered as a composer/songwriter on more than 135 titles.

His first real guitar influence was Jimmy Page. When he was six, he heard “Whole Lotta Love” on the radio in the backseat of his mom’s car. He asked what that was, and his mom told him it was Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin. He then knew what he wanted to do; he wanted to make that sound and he knew he was going to make a special impact in music.

He put his first band together when he was 12 or 13 and played around. Tracii’s first real important adventure in music was in 1983 when he formed L.A. Guns with singer Michael Jagosz, bass player Ole Beich and drummer Rob Gardner. When Jagosz had to leave the band soon after, Axl Rose of Hollywood Rose replaced him.

In 1985 Tracii formed a new band with Hollywood Rose frontman Axl Rose. They put the two band names together; Guns ‘N’ Roses was born, but they both finally went separate ways and Tracii rejoined L.A. Guns.

With other projects featuring the bands Contraband and Brides of Destruction, Tracii has honed his chops and currently stays just as busy writing as he does playing!

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