Pamela Moore_002Pamela Moore is a singer-songwriter and producer who has recorded on multi-platinum albums, toured extensively worldwide and appeared on numerous music videos.  Pamela began singing and writing songs at a very young age and her passion has propelled her into one of the most respected female voices in the music industry today.

Previously known as “Sister Mary” from Queensryche’s Operation: Mindcrime, Pamela has gone on to carve out her own unique identity as a soulful, seductive, powerhouse vocalist.   Pamela’s latest CD, “Resurrect Me” set her apart from many of her peers in the hard rock and metal arena.  Following the release Pamela was named one of AOR Magazine’s top-50 artists of all time and jointly held the top spot in Classic Rock Bottom’s “Best Singer” award for 2013 with Ritchie Kotzen.  The “Resurrect Me” CD also earned Pamela the Music Enthusiast Magazine’s “Best Metal CD” distinction in 2013.  She and her primary songwriting collaborator and band mate, guitarist Michael Posch, are currently working on a follow-up heavy metal opus, due out in 2016.

With this wealth of experience in the music industry, Axes & Anchors is pleased to bring Pamela on-board for two performances as well as two free workshops focusing on voice training and stage performance.

2 Performances
2 Voice Workshops
Professional Photo Opportunity for all passengers